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GreenStar Agricultural Corporation (“GreenStar”)

GreenStar Agricultural Corporation is a diversified agricultural production and processing enterprise, focused on locally grown, fresh and canned, or bottled fruits and vegetables. The Company’s fresh produce, sold in local markets, consists mainly of high quality mandarin oranges, grown and harvested by GreenStar seasonal employees. They are supervised by the Company’s fulltime agricultural management team working on approximately 1,500 acres of agricultural lands under long term leases. Its approximate 8,200 square meter canning and bottling facilities process mandarin oranges, yellow peaches, grapes, young bamboo shoots and other locally grown fruits and vegetables. GreenStar also processes raw tomato pulp into tomato paste, as well as selling mature bamboo from its leased bamboo mountains. GreenStar`s operations are located in Linjiang town in Pucheng County, Fujian Province, P.R. China, a beautiful and fertile area alongside the Wuyi Mountains.

The fresh fruit and vegetable produce is sold directly to domestic markets in China, while finished goods of canned and bottled products are sold either domestically in China, or exported internationally. Countries that GreenStar has shipped its canned and bottled products to are; Germany and Russia in Europe, Japan and the Phillipines in Asia,  More...

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Products such as Mandarins are grown on GRE Leased lands, canned at GRE facilities and either sold locally or exported.

Products such as peaches are purchased locally from farmers, canned at GRE Facilities and exported.

Bamboo Shoots are grown on GRE Leased lands, harvested and sold locally or canned at GRE facilities and sold locally or exported.


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